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Hi! I’m Voula, and welcome to Pastry Wishes! 

I’m a self-taught baker, recipe developer and aspiring food photographer. I’m also a full-time editor and teacher with a passion for baking. I believe making desserts from scratch doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. 

I truly believe that anyone can learn to make delicious desserts with the right instructions and guidance!

Baking has always been a creative outlet for me. I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but I now live in Athens, Greece. My Greek heritage plays a big role on how I cook and bake. Growing up in a Greek family, life almost always revolved around food – LOTS AND LOTS of food. Each gathering around the table involved discussions on a variety of topics, from my grandparents’ war woes and hardships in Greece, to different recipes shared in the family. Everyone in the family had their signature style on the same dish.

I developed my love for baking as a teenager. I soon began collecting cookbooks and this inspired me to create my own recipes and write down everything that went wrong in the process. Over time, I began to discover my own baking style & implement tips that worked for me. I love making classic American/International desserts as well as traditional Greek ones, sometimes creating a twist on both!

I often get asked how I make Vegan Chocolate Truffles with only 3 ingredients or how I make Baklava Rolls (Saragli) without any refined sugar! Occasionally, I’ll be in the mood for something sweet, but totally healthy, like Ancient Greek Sesame Bars (Pasteli) or  Easy Apple Chips!


Pastry Wishes is for home bakers of all levels, from novice to expert. It’s a place where foodies and pastry lovers can share their love and passion for desserts and maybe create some new ones along the way. You will find that the recipes on the website are mainly seasonal and easy to make. I’m also an Orthodox Christian, so you may notice quite a few vegan recipes, too, since I follow a vegan diet during Lent and other periods of fasting. All of the recipes are tried, trusted and approved by family and friends. 


Recipes & Articles

All the recipes and articles are developed and written by me. If you are a fellow blogger and would like to use one of my recipes, always provide a clear link back to my original post here on Pastry Wishes.


All the photos on this website are taken by me and copyrighted. Please do not copy or use my photos without prior permission to do so.

If you would like to publish any of my recipes or photos, please contact me first.

I really hope you enjoy this blog. My main ambition is to inspire home bakers to have FUN in the kitchen and bake with confidence.

Feel free to comment on my blog posts or email me if you have any questions or just want to say hello! I would love to hear from you!

Thank you!

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  1. Yayapap
    Yayapap says:

    I’m anxious to try your portokalopita.
    We had some in Tripoli, for the first time.
    I tried one recipe but didn’t like it.
    Hope yours is more like the one in Tripoli.
    You have a lovely website.


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